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Michael Buckley's
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Sisters Grimm

Sisters Grimm
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Desciptons of the characters from the sisters grimm

I think that Sabrina is a brave ,strong, smart and strong character. Daphne is more of the character that speaks her mind and also sometimes she cango which ever way the wind blows. Grandma grimm was acting a little secretive at first , then later she was more open and she turned out to be what the girls thought she was going to be. Mr. Cani

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The characters of sisters grimm

There are many characters in "The Sisters Grimm". Sabrina is the main character. She is the older sister and is very worried and cautious, but knows how to survive on her own. Daphe is the younger sister, and is fun and playful. Granny Grimm is a dectecive, and makes sure all the Ever-afters stay in line. Canis is her driver and friend, who turns out to be the big bad wolf. Puck is the pikie king, who says his a villian, but ends up helping the girls. These are just a couple of the characters in this amazing, fast paced book. There are many different characters, but that just makes the story even more interesting.                                                                                                      Anna Odenwald

Monday, February 28, 2011

Hola, its Bryce my favorite character is Sabrina.Even if she has a little attitude towards her grandma.I mean if this old woman come say she is my grandma and my dad has told me she is dead I would be scared too.I love how she just is there for her sister.


I think that the Sisters Grimm is a wonderful book. Micheal Buckley(author) should continue to make fantasy books. He is doing a good job at writing books. I personally love books that are fantasy or fiction. Books that allow you to write or say whatever you want are the best. The Sisters Grimm is a book that keeps people reading and interested, and is a "grabber" at the beginning. i would recommend this books to anyone in my class and or children in elementary school. Sisters Grimm is one of the best books I have ever read.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Charmaine compared to Sabrina

If I had to compare myself to one of the characters in the book Sister's Grimm it would be Sabrina. I think that I am mostly like Sabrina because Sabrina has a problem with trusting people and she has a little attitude problem. Although Sabrina and I are very strong and independent people we need loved ones around us. Most people that read the book see Sabrina as a problem child,when she really isnt. Sabrina has been through abuse from foster parents,psycho foster parents,the sudden disappearance of her parents, and protecting her little sister Daphne. Sabrina is very determined and when she sets her mind to something she will never give up. That is why I think I am like Sabrina. -Charmaine

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sister Grimm

I read sisters grimm for my fanasty novel. I think it is a very good book. The reason why is that the book deals with adventure and action. The book is basically about two girls tring to rescue their grandma from a giant. They discover things about their family that they didn't know about. It also deals with magical creatures. This is a good book for people who like adventures and a little dective investigation stuff.

sisters grimm

I read sisters grimm for my fanasty novel. Ithought it was a good book. The reason why is that the book deals with fanasty and magical creatures. It is a very fast pace book filled with a lot of adventures and action. It is a good book for people who like adventure and a little dective investigation. The book has a whole series.